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We’ve had 8 years of progress under President Obama. Here’s how Hillary Clinton will build on it.

A look back at President Obama’s historic legacy. The progress we’ve achieved under President Obama has been nothing short of extraordinary. And this year, that progress is on the ballot. The issues we care about — from providing access to health care for millions of people to ensuring a safer and cleaner world
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Uncovered: the 42 year-old report from Hillary Clinton’s work at the Children’s Defense Fund

The start of Hillary’s fighting for kids and families After graduating from Yale Law School in 1973, Hillary didn’t take the path of many of her classmates and join a large corporate firm. Instead, she followed her passion — and one of her idols. Marian Wright Edelman — a prominent activist in the civil rights
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One candidate thinks climate change is a hoax. The other sees it as a crisis. Here’s her plan.

There is no planet B. Our earth is getting warmer — and at an alarming rate. Global temperatures reached new highs this year, according to the World Meteorological Organization. And according to NASA, the first half of 2016 was on average 2.4 degrees warmerthan in the late 19th century, prior to industrialization. Research has
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How to Use Blockchain Technology for Secure Document Transfer

UPD April 2018: this article has been updated to share the insights and the outcomes we received after deploying a similar solution for one of our customers from the finance industry. Organisations in the financial, governmental and legal industry are showing the highest level of interest in blockchain and smart
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