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Technology Innovation — Trends and Opportunities in 2018

What’s next on Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Data & Visualization and Blockchain Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash Technology is moving at an incredible pace. We live in an amazing era where things like autonomous cars, personalized medicine and quantum computing are becoming real as we speak. Artificial Intelligence, crypto-currencies,
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Uber Design Challenge: How UX design can improve the pickup experience

Introducing Add Details It’s a simple scenario. I am staring at the Uber map, watching the car icon literally pass by me in a seconds notice. Another possibility: the car is at a just-so close distance from me, a few minutes away — but also so far, I don’t feel like walking. In
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How to build an awesome stocks spreadsheet with React 16

React 16 is the first version of React built on top of React’s new core architecture, codenamed “Fiber”. React 16 is designed from the ground up to support asynchronous rendering. This allows processing large component trees without blocking the main execution thread. React 16 is popular because it supports a
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Pens, Process, Product: sketching for UX

I’m passionate about sketching because I’ve seen immeasurable benefits from it. Whether that’s professionally through the development of my communication, problem-solving, storytelling and design skills, or personally in terms of relaxation, improved creativity, greater awareness of the world around me, as well as increased empathy towards the real people who
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