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Product designers: mind your stakeholders In December 1998, NASA launched the Mars Climate Orbiter into space with the goal of studying the Martian climate. But it never made it, at least not in one piece. The spacecraft’s trajectory took it too close to the planet, and when it passed through the upper atmosphere, it
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Tree Testing: Making Navigation Menus More Intuitive & Easier to Use

It’s not widely used, but tree testing is agile, fast, and a powerful complement to card sorting. Bear with me and do an exercise. Pretend you were asked to do the following thing (task) on a website: You have some questions about what cancer treatments your insurance will cover. Find this information.
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Insights on insights: punchy insights that guide design

Finding an insight is not a straightforward step by step process as it might seem Artwork by Aakash Dewan I am a design researcher and strategist working as the Insights & Strategy Lead of a corporate innovation center of a health company. The past eleven years of my career have been spent
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