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There are very few things within your control in terms of building a sustainable, successful company. But you can control your company culture. For instance, you have no control over competition, technological innovation, the political and regulatory environment, or the financial markets and overall economy. What you can control, however, are internal
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Why numerous tech brands are riding on the wave of Illustrations ?

A concept illustration for the article. The usage of generic stock photography in digital applications has become so recurrent that nowadays users almost always skip them and hunt for the content that they desire. I mean come on, how often do you relate yourself to those photographs where delighted people are
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What is session hijacking and how you can stop it

Yummy Cookies This story is for beginners and anyone who has a basic understanding about cookies (sessions cookies), but who’s not sure how to secure them properly. You don’t have to be a security expert to do that. You just have to understand the process and then you will know. If
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Case Study: Designing a powerful UX for enterprise applications

Designing a powerful UX for enterprise applications — a UX case study For almost a year, I have been working on a huge enterprise application for a Government entity in UAE (hereby known as ABC). It is a widespread application and caters to all the citizens of UAE. In the simplest way I
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Voice assistants: your customers are ready. Are you?

Don’t be left behind. Reach your customers through a new conversational voice Illustration by Jo Lopez, designer at Marino Software In 2017 we started to see a shift towards voice interfaces — as we pointed out in our Top Tech Trends review. Voice assistant devices, such as Google Home and Amazon’s ‘Alexa’, are
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