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Is UX/UI equivalent to the modern day Alchemist?

Let’s review the similarities. Starting with Alchemy (I am not a historian) Alchemy – Wikipedia Alchemy is a philosophical and proto-scientific tradition practiced throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia from the 9–12 century. Alcemeusrs practiced chrysopoeia which aimed to purify, mature and perfect certain objects turning common materials (base metals like lead)into
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AWS S3 .NET Client High Memory Usage

Reducing AWS S3 .NET client LOH allocations by 98% Contents Problem discovery Why is it a problem? Introducing the best magic number — 81,920 Idle hands Just one more thing TLDR — Give me the good stuff Footnotes Problem discovery One of the things we do at Codeweavers is help people find their next vehicle. That usually involves customers
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First steps of an UX designer’s journey at Ironhack

Follow me through the design thinking process working on expanding Naturalia’s market. First week at Ironhack is ending, let’s have a look at what we’ve learnt and done. We were working as a team with Lara Lakis et Andréa PORCHE on a grocery shop problem : adding value for the customers
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Typography And Cross Browser Compatibility

Colors, icons, images, content, layout, design elements, animations, functionalities, hover elements, buttons, lines, and typography all come together in a unique blend of harmony to make the web design a work of art. It’s a collection of thousands of different web elements coming together to convey a message in the
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A comprehensive guide to type checking React, Redux, and React-Redux with Flow

This article is divided into 4 sections: Type checking Redux actions, action creators, and reducers Installing Flow library definitions Type checking application state Type checking Redux store and dispatch While there are a bunch of guides on the first section which are immensely helpful, I found only a paucity of articles on
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My first week of open source: how I got involved, and what I’ve learned

When I started to write this post, I had finished my first serious week of contributing to open source. I mainly contributed to the project Storybook. This post will describe the contributions and interactions that took place this week. It will also focus on the path that led up to
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