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The heart of the matter a.k.a. Lessons in design from the healthcare industry

Composition by author. See more at: A couple of years back, a friend who works for a fashion brand, was describing her experiences with user testing in different countries and how the user expectations could vary hugely across countries, e.g., “Seeing maximum products in one go (efficiency)” vs. “A
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Tmux — For Ninjas

Its been quite long I am using Tmux. Terminal muxer, or multiplexer. Tmux is beautiful utility to make your terminal more powerful. Once you install Tmux your terminal can be divided into multiple sessions and can increase parallelism. A sessions can have multiple windows. A window is a single view. A Window
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How to Achieve the Best Grades Possible With Minimal Stress

These scientifically-proven study habits helped me beat my exams while still enjoying my life Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash When I told my wife about my plan to do a law degree, her reaction was not quite what I expected: “You’re joking. How will you find the time?” Then I told her
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What I’ve learned since having a book published…

DISCLAIMER: These are not my hands. After receiving my eighteenth generic rejection email — your eyes instantly hone in on the word “unfortunately” don’t they? — I was ready to consign writing to the same pile as skateboarding, basketball and being in a (terrible) band. Another enjoyable but ultimately unsuccessful venture which I would look
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How to Master the Art of the Icebreaker and Make a Great First Impression Every Time

Relationships of all kinds are formed on common ground. Learn how to prepare for meeting your next new colleague, client, or mentor. Ever find yourself stuck with a calendar that looks something like this week-in and week-out? You’re not alone: One of the realities of building a startup is the seemingly-endless
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Designing the Future of Work

At Google Cloud my job is to reimagine enterprise — the tools we build and how we design them. Traditional enterprise products don’t reflect how people work — our pain points, our tasks across the workday, our desire to stay a step ahead. They lack human-centered design. They lack AI. Before coming to Google, I
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