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How to use Import statements in Nodejs?

In the article below, you are going to learn how to setup Babel in a Node project with bare-minimum configuration. “handheld tool lot” by Cesar Carlevarino Aragon on Unsplash I do not always like to try different versions of setting up a Nodejs application. Don’t get me wrong here. I do
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The Dos and Don’ts of Running an ICO | ICO Marketing and Advisory Tips

Planning to run an ICO? From drafting the whitepaper, website design and team composition, running an ICO resemble traveling to other places on earth. There are dos and don’ts depending on which country you’re in, basically the same thing with ICO’s. ICO is a revolutionary method to raise money, unlike STO
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What are the downsides of being a professional writer?

Credit: I’ve been a professional writer for two years now. And I was a semi-professional writer for three years before that. There are many perks that come with working as a writer. For example, I can work from anywhere (last week I was working in Dublin. This week, I’m back
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Design Thinking as Creative Problem Solving: Reframing Problems by Abductive Reasoning

Design Thinking is concerned with solving problems through creativity. Design Thinking employs divergent thinking as a way to ensure that many possible solutions are explored in the first instance, and then convergent thinking as a way to narrow these down to a final solution. Although since its birth Design Thinking
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How to Overcome First Draft Fear and Writer’s Block with Word Dumping

“brown cinder brick wall” by Ilario Piatti on Unsplash I’ve got a confession to make: I did not set out to write about word dumping. Actually, I had no idea what word dumping even was until I wrote the first word about it. This post was originally supposed to be something wholly
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This Simple Yet Powerful Weekly Planning Routine Puts You in Control

Adopt this systematic method to make progress every week towards your biggest, most important goals Photo by Jorgen Hendriksen on Unsplash As someone with a personal passion to help others execute on their professional goals, I do more than assist in the definition of their objectives and encourage them on their
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