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Are You Stuck in the Shallow of Life?

Illustrations by John P. Weiss Here’s how to get out. My wife and I recently saw the movie “A Star Is Born,” staring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. The movie follows a hard-drinking, country music star (Cooper) who discovers and falls in love with a young, undiscovered singer (Gaga). The movie is a
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Which stablecoin type will survive the financial apocalypse

Stablecoins, the holy grail of every exchange that can’t work with traditional fiat currencies. After Tether’s USDT, that has been the stablecoin of choice for many years, suffered from severe rumors that the highly controversial token isn’t backed by real US dollars on a 1:1 basis, countless players in the
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HTML 5 & CSS 3: Bring your web design to life

Relation between HTML and CSS with modern web like “two person holding hands while standing” by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash Do you ever imagine yourself or an animal body without skeleton and other parts? it looks invisible, doesn’t it? How would it feel if a shape of skeleton moved around you
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This Is How to Stop Taking Yourself Too Seriously

Follow rule number 6 “The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it isn’t open.” — Frank Zappa If you follow just one rule in life, choose rule Number Six. Two prime ministers were having a casual conversation. One was intrigued about this rule that seemed so simple. The other man has just
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OpenRescue: A UXathon Case Study

A Design Solution To Help Hurricane Survivors About the project Overview: This project was done as a part of a UXathon (a UX hackathon) organized by UXPA @ Pratt Institute. It was a 6-hour event, where participants competed to solve a specific real-world problem through rapid prototyping and design thinking. Discipline:
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What is Safe?

What is “safe”? Reflections on the latest American massacre Photo by Luke Michael on Unsplash I have a bad habit of looking at my phone first thing in the morning, when dawn snakes her fingers of light through my black-out curtains no matter how carefully I seal them the night before. I’m always woken
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How To Recruit And Retain A Team That’s More Qualified Than You

Recruiting is hard, even for hugely profitable companies whose offices look like MTV Cribs mansions and who offer free perks like multi-course lunches, yoga, and all-hands happy hours. For startups, it’s even harder. You have to make your first hires pre-traction, pre-revenue, maybe even pre-product — and definitely “pre-perks.” How are you supposed
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Here’s Why Digital Tools Don’t Always Work

Adam Jelic Over the years, I’ve tested dozens of digital productivity tools for setting goals and managing to-do lists. Although digital tools are useful, paper-based daily planners are becoming more popular. MiGoals is an example of an Australian company that sells paper daily planners online. Founder Adam Jelic and his team created
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