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No es que sea más inteligente, solo he hecho más veces que tú

Publicación original de Graeme Adaptado por Diego Núñez Si estás teniendo problemas escribiendo código o estás aprendiendo algo complicado, este texto podría darte algún sentido de esperanza. Sé programar en varios lenguages y he estudiado ciencias de la computación; sin embargo, cuando alguien me dice: “Eres un desarrollador increíble”, siento que se
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The Battle for Sports Media Rights: It’s Time to Gamble

“We will be watching this sports content battle closely over the coming year, as well as the success/engagement from the Facebook MLB endeavor, as it could be a sign of things to come with streaming platforms playing a bigger role in global professional sports broadcasting rights in the years ahead
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How To Write Unreadable CVs

A homage to How To Write Unmaintainable Code.Or: The Worst 9 Pieces of Advice for Writing a CV. General Principles To cause the reader of your CV to despair, you need to understand how the recruiter thinks. May it be the HR personnel, or your technical future colleague, their goal is
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Forgetting to set environment variables in nodejs apps

tl;dr yarn add –dev faceplant You’ve developed your killer express app. It’s passing unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests… You’re so content that you print the code out and pin it to your fridge. You deploy to production, but in a few hours, you get complaints that the service is
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Why It’s Tough to Restart Writing

A.K.A How to recover from the atrophy of the writer’s block Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash I’ve been writing every day for the past week. Not full-fledged posts, but bits and pieces of articles that I wish to write about. It takes time, and is quite laborious, but I still expend
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VC Corner Q+A: Nic Brisbourne

VC Corner Q+A: Nic Brisbourne Nic Brisbourne is Managing Partner at Forward Partners, a new kind of VC with an agency inside. It directly helps founders design, build and grow their companies with the assistance they need to achieve their potential faster. Please enjoy this Q+A with Nic Brisbourne. Q&A:
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