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Don’t Miss Out on These 3 Top Facebook Ad Types

While the Creative Hub is riddled with superlative examples of big brands (with creative teams and swollen bankrolls) launching neat stuff on Facebook, it can be difficult to envision, say, an accountant or plumber or three-person startup creating Canvas ads. That doesn’t mean you need to stay married to the same
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Facebook Ad Guidelines Cheat Sheet

Facebook ads are one of the most cost-effective ways to get attention on your brand these days. Not only are they affordable, but the potential reach is huge. Unfortunately, though, not many small businesses are getting the most from their Facebook ads! A survey released by website builder Weebly indicated that
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The One Technique That Determines Whether You Have Created a High Converting Landing Page

Landing pages work marketing wonders when created well — when optimized for the target audience landing pages have the power to increase your business growth. So, how do you know if the landing page you’ve just created is going to be ‘The One’ when it comes to fulfilling your conversion goal for a
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Facebook Advertising Made Simple: A Visual Step-by-Step Guide [with updated FB Ad Placements and…

Credits to @willfrancis Facebook Advertising Made Simple: A Visual Step-by-Step Guide [with updated FB Ad Placements and Creatives] Facebook Campaign Structure One Campaign should meet a specific marketing goal i.e. Event Sign-ups and can have multiple Ad Sets One Ad Set can have Multiple Ads; Ad sets will have the same
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Instagram’s Co-Founders Just Left The Company. Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

The old Instagram is dead. The titan’s founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, left the company in September of this year. The platform will now be run by longtime Facebook vet Adam Mosseri. Normally, the departure of your founding executives would seem reason to pull a company fire alarm. Evidence of trouble.
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Real-life ad blockers ️

Real-life adblockers have arrived. Just launched this weekend, these nifty “IRL” glasses block out any screens. They were designed after the movie THEY LIVE, a 1998 cult classic where the protagonist finds a magical pair of glasses that blocks ads. 😂 This might seem farfetched, but a massive wave of digital
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How to Promote Your Blog Posts with Facebook Messenger Ads

If you’re using Facebook Ads to promote your blog posts, I want to introduce you to a fundamentally more interesting way to promote content than a click campaign. Facebook traffic ads are donkeys compared to the unicorn click-to-Messenger adobjective. With traditional Facebook traffic ads: ✗ You’re probably paying $5-$6 per result.✗
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Design & Culture in The Age of Digital Consumption?

The creative battle to impress in times of over-consumption of Entertainment & media Entertainment & media — movies, audio, and digital platforms — have grown exponentially, since the last decade. To penetrate and impress audiences through an overload of media consumption, advertisers/marketers, writers, designers and filmmakers are taking drastic measures to stand out. Increasingly, this
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