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Redesigning the Facebook mobile app login screen — a UX case study

To give a personalized feel to the Facebook users Credits: Caterina Beleffi Ijoined Facebook in the year 2010 and switched to mobile platform four years before. The main reason why I use Facebook is to establish a strong connection with the external world and with my friend’s circle. It also helps me
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UX/UI Case Study: Redesigning a Public Transportation App for a Large Touristic City

Imagine using public transportation in a new city for the first time. It’s relatively easy, right? You should just get a map or download an app to help yourself navigate around. However, Dubai metro is far from being typical. There are many rules that are bound to the cultural background
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Redesigning the on-boarding journey of NISM — a UX case study National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is an Indian public trust and an educational institute and staff college of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). NISM conducts certification examination for various Securities Market Participants and Intermediaries as mandated by SEBI. Anyone who is keen on learning about the
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Information architecture and grief — a UX case study

I lost my mother to lung cancer in 2015. About 4 months passed between the time she told me about her cancer and the day she died. It was a fast and terrible ordeal. My mother placed a lot of trust in me during her battle with lung cancer, so she
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Making memory loss easier for families — a UX case study

1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another form of Dementia, per Alzheimer’s Association. Witnessing the process of mental deterioration can be tragic for seniors, family members, and caregivers. Posts from the Memory People Facebook group. Names have been changed. Consequently, our team of student designers set out to design
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Redesigning the transport booking experience for Grab app — a UX case study

How do we work within a hyper-growth startup and design a rational but still meaningful transport experience that impacts millions of people? This is a design story from the largest transportation platform in Southeast Asia. In August of 2016, I joined Grab, the biggest unicorn startup in Southeast Asia, offering
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Modernising the hiring process — a UX case study

Real Links are an exciting new startup that provides companies with a white-labelled platform, giving them the opportunity to maximise their hiring process. They do this by utilising employee referrals to hire in a quicker, cheaper and more efficient way. Why do referrals maximise a hiring process? How the platform worked
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