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Rusted Memories — Danger in “Little Oslo”

Rusted Memories — Danger in “Little Oslo” Not just a matter of believing, but a matter of truth Adelboden, Switzerland [By user Filzstift on de.wikipedia, Adelboden, CC BY-SA 3.0] There is power in a story shared. When one woman tells her story, another will say yes, that happened to me too. I think it’s important
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How does a boy become a man? The lost art of the ritual rite of passage.

How did you become a man? The lost art of ritual rites of passage. Last weekend we took 14 men upstate for another Junto Men’s weekend. The Catskill trees had just begun their fall transformation, golden and red leaves covered the earth beneath us. We shared communication tools that empower men to
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All VCs Are Dicks

A few weeks ago, I spent 45 minutes with a Venture Capitalist I’d never met before. The meeting started with the usual feeling-each-other-out type of chatter: shared contacts…recent travels…the weather. With the effortlessness only possible of “meeting professionals” we transitioned to business. First, an overview of their fund strategy (fin tech),
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What #TimesUpIndia Is Making Me Realise About Myself

Last week India’s #MeToo / #TimesUp movement rose (again), sparked off by Mahima Kukreja’s outing of standup comic Ustav Chakrobarty sending unsolicited dickpics and badgering underage girls for nudes. It set off a chain reaction examining the complicit parties, the enablers and patterns of predators. Thread: I want everyone to
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If You’re Still Wondering, Yes That Was Sexual Assault.

Our political and sociological climate is forcing millions of us to reluctantly resurrect the dark, sickening sexual memories of our past. Triggers are everywhere, and survivors feel plunged into a cruel new dystopia with every news cycle. Most of the women in my circle have an experience to share. Stories of
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The anatomy of a hashtag — a visual analysis of the MeToo Movement

About a year ago, revelation of the scope of Weinstein’s wrongful actions spurred the MeToo movement that saw women worldwide speak up against sexual harassment and assault. Women’s March attendees in Washington, DC. Photo ©: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters MeToomentum is a self-initiated data visualization project exploring themes, geographical footprint and key moments
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