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The Best Black Friday Hack Is Actually FREE!

You have to tell your friends! Welcome you to my Youtube channel — Sign of Life!You can now pick your favourite platform to access my content, posted exclusively on Medium and Youtube. It might sound shocking, but until a few years ago I didn’t even know what Black Friday was. It just wasn’t
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Free resources to help power your writing

Free resources to power your writing Express yourself for less “man holding black leather wallet” by Artem Bali on Unsplash Don’t let lack of funds hold you back from your dreams of being a writer. Ideas may be free, but the tools to express them can be pricey. Fortunately there are numerous free materials
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Who Is Going To Make Money with Artificial Intelligence?

Analyzing the monetary value of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning The consulting firm McKinsey & Company estimates that Artificial Intelligence has the potential to create between $ 3.5 Trillions and $ 5.8 Trillion in value across nine business functions in 19 industries — annually Artificial Intelligence will generate up to $ 2.6 Trillions
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5 Ways to Save Money Without Even Realizing It

Small business owners must spend prudently. At the same time, they must set money aside. Some of that money should be for personal needs, goals and retirement. But, small business entrepreneurs must also save to grow the business, retain employees and satisfy customers. Business owners must manage money well. A
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Personal finance tips that don’t require frugality

Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash Practical tips you can implement right now In personal finance, using frugality to save money is an obvious option. The less money you spend, the more money you save. You can find thousands of blogs with tips on not buying your espresso at a coffee shop, making your
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How to Side Hustle Your Writing Career — #9: Monetizing Your Writing

How to Side Hustle Your Writing Career — #9: Monetizing Your Writing Part 9: Finding Ways to Earn $ With Your Writing Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash There is a popular theory, developed by Kevin Kelly, that a creator needs 1,000 true fans in order to make a living. True fans are people who would
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