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Redesigning the transport booking experience for Grab app — a UX case study

How do we work within a hyper-growth startup and design a rational but still meaningful transport experience that impacts millions of people? This is a design story from the largest transportation platform in Southeast Asia. In August of 2016, I joined Grab, the biggest unicorn startup in Southeast Asia, offering
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UX for a better public transport

Using Design Thinking to improve bus accessibility Context Owned by Madrid City Council, the Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid, also known as EMT, is the public limited company in charge of the public urban transport in the Spanish capital. Madrid. Photo by Jorge Magaz Molina Almost every transport service in a
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On the cusp of revolutionary changes in transport

We are seeing many eye-catching IoT initiatives in the transport sector, but we are truly still at the beginning of the changes that IoT will bring to our world, writes Igor Ilunin, head of the IoT practice at technology consultancy DataArt. IHS predicts there will be about 70 billion IoT
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What’s Wrong with the Uber and Lyft Model?

In some circles, the very idea that there’s something less than perfect with Uber and Lyft is met with disbelief and even anger. For years, conventional wisdom in Silicon Valley has been that ridesharing (or rather, ride-hailing) is going to revolutionize mobility for the better by reducing car ownership. This
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Scooters and the short-haul brawl

Uber +1 for the Bird The importance of being earnest? The differences between scooter-sharing and ridesharing are the foundation of understanding how the scooter market — and urban transportation — will evolve… Asset-lite vs real asset In Stratechery, Ben Thompson recently wrote an update about the nascent dockless scooter industry: “…think about self-driving cars: it makes sense that
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