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When you’re overthinking your UX — Satisficing vs Maximizing

When you’re overthinking your UX — Satisficing vs Maximizing Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash UX is about the details. The difference between good and bad UX, after all, often boils down to how thoughtful and accommodating your design is. It’s about the things that people don’t notice more often than the
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Redesigning the Facebook mobile app login screen — a UX case study

To give a personalized feel to the Facebook users Credits: Caterina Beleffi Ijoined Facebook in the year 2010 and switched to mobile platform four years before. The main reason why I use Facebook is to establish a strong connection with the external world and with my friend’s circle. It also helps me
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Investigate first, design after

Problem solving as a junior designer Illustration by Source As designers, we are all problem solvers. And from the view of building out the problem space, there are different roles to perform. Exact details can vary depending on your team and the project, and the following is a general definition of these roles.
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How to Measure Product Usability with the System Usability Scale (SUS) Score

Everyone wants his product or feature to fit user’s needs. Hence many approaches are done to reach this goal, as for example, by doing User Interviews, Focus Group Discussion, Usability Testing, and other methods. Questions that might arise after executing these methods are: Does the product resolve the user’s problem? How
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Why are Micro-Experiences so important to UX Design?

Little Experiences That Make Up The Bigger Picture We have all heard the phrase, “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”. It’s a common way of letting people know to shrug off the little things and instead, worry about the bigger, more important things. Great advice. Except when it comes to UX Design.
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What your pen preference says about you as a designer

An illustrated guide. Expo Chisel-Tip Dry Erase Marker, Assorted Colors, $12/set The very wall is your canvas as you happily blend ink and body into a kind of performance art, scrawling faster and faster, losing yourself in the thrill of forgetting the most fundamental rules of spelling, grammar, and composition in
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The overlap between designing and acting — and more UX links this week

A weekly selection of design links, brought to you by your friends at the UX Collective. Shared lessons for actors and user researchers › It’s a Monday evening and my first day of acting class at the Berkeley Repertory Theater. Jack, our instructor, starts our class off with a couple
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