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Don’t Miss Out on These 3 Top Facebook Ad Types

While the Creative Hub is riddled with superlative examples of big brands (with creative teams and swollen bankrolls) launching neat stuff on Facebook, it can be difficult to envision, say, an accountant or plumber or three-person startup creating Canvas ads. That doesn’t mean you need to stay married to the same
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The Basic Principles For Solving Just About Any Problem

Problems are part of everyday life. How you deal with challenges in life has a lot to do with your success and happiness. At work, solving problems (big or small) increases your value and empowers your team to think critically as well. Problem-solving is a skill. It’s something you can improve over time. There
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When you’re overthinking your UX — Satisficing vs Maximizing

When you’re overthinking your UX — Satisficing vs Maximizing Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash UX is about the details. The difference between good and bad UX, after all, often boils down to how thoughtful and accommodating your design is. It’s about the things that people don’t notice more often than the
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4 Lessons I Learned from My First NaNoWriMo

Tackling this challenge for the first time kicked my butt! Photo by James Pond on Unsplash How long does it take you to write 1,667 words? An hour? Two hours? A couple of days? A month? How about doing it multiple times. Will it take even longer? Try 1,667 words every day for a
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Creativity and Self-Expression (Or Being True to Yourself)

Source When she was ten years old, Isadora Duncan dropped out of school to teach people to dance. Now, had she been anyone other than herself, that stint would likely have turned out like most of our own ambitious pursuits at that age: frustrating, difficult, and a little discouraging. But Duncan
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Integrity Matters

Principles and actions are of consequence. Your world is watching. Lead by example. Photo by Patrick Brinksma on Unsplash A company is a reflection of its people. Company culture is defined by those at the top. You want hard working and loyal employees. Be a hard-working and loyal leader. You want ethical and compassionate
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How Different Might an Alien Intelligence Be From Us?

Understanding and communicating with otherworldly beings Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash If, and when, we make first contact with an intelligent alien species, we may find ourselves faced with the daunting task of trying to communicate with beings so perfectly strange in relation to ourselves that it’s nearly impossible. In
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Digging deeper: the psychology of web forms

Originally published on JOTFORM.COM UX and psychology. Psychology and UX. The two go hand-in-hand. Psychology is the study of understanding people’s behaviors and emotions. What makes them tick? What makes them happy? Without the ability to predict these behaviors, successful UX can’t exist. To the untrained eye, good design might seem like
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Networking with fellow writers is great, but it doesn’t pay the bills

Generally, no one in our writing communities is looking for our services. Let’s talk about where we should be spending time if our goal is to get more freelance work. Image via Pixabay I’m curious, what percentage of your time are you spending in writing and freelancing communities (online or offline)?
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You know it’s supposed to hurt, you just don’t know which kind of hurt is the good kind

One of the common problems when people start lifting weights (or doing CrossFit) is that they inadvertently overdo it. Why don’t they stop when it hurts? Because everyone knows it’s supposed to hurt. Hypertrophy is the goal, so the pain is part of the deal… right? Pain, guaranteed. In an old
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