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The Perfect Recipe for the Perfect Headline. Free image from Pixaby. It has side benefits. I wish I could lay claim to this. Alas, not my brainchild. That honor goes to But it’s been weeks now that I’ve been struggling with this headline issue. I’ve researched and then some. I’ve experimented with
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Growth starts with Letting Go

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash Because being tethered to the past won’t let you soar freely in the sky I write a lot about my mother — my relationship with her, my insecurities, my personal feelings, thoughts and opinions. Some are published here. Others sits in a folder filled Word documents that I
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You Don’t Need More Advice

You’re close enough and you know it by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash Deep down I have always believed I controlled the outcomes of everything. Call it blind faith or superstition, but I have always believed my life was destined for greatness. Life has its obstacles, and things haven’t completely worked out yet,
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Am I Dying? Or Am I Learning How Living Truly Feels?

A comedic yet terrifying account of a seemingly near-death experience “high-angle photography of village” by Felipe Santana on Unsplash Who says all near-death experiences have to be transformative? Who says a near-death experience has to have a somber tone? Who says a near-death experience even has to be an experience in which
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I’m Not Trying to Dress a Turkey for Thanksgiving or a Tree for Christmas.

Pexels. When did the “dressing up” of my blog become so important? Why do I spend hours deciding where I should use – · Upper case; · Lower case; · Italics; · Larger font; · Bigger spaces; · Link this, link that; · Perfect picture. · Suitable music video. Maybe. · Too short. · Too long. · Not enough variety. My
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