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How I Got Into the Mind of My Historical Fiction Characters

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash Weird ways of finding inspiration Last month I stretched my fiction muscles and wrote a short historical fiction piece. As a history major I love a good research session. Color-coding my notes might be classified as a fetish. Yet even with all the books I
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Speak Truth: Unleashing the Power of Non-Fiction in Fiction

Or, how to make your make-believe more believable “fountain pen on spiral book” by Aaron Burden on Unsplash I used to struggle with fiction. Or rather, I perhaps didn’t struggle hard enough with it. Either way, I made my writing less accessible — and at times inaccessible — to others. I’d get a weird idea, mistake
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What a Flash-Fiction Competition Taught Me About Creativity

My muse is a drunken hot mess Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash Suspense, a boxing ring, and a cheeseboard. I’d never thought about these three things concurrently until I entered NYC Midnight’s flash-fiction competition. Writers get 48 hours to come up with a story of 1,000 words (or fewer) — but the catch
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10 rules for better fiction writing

Credit: Min An I recently completed James Patterson’s creative writing course on Masterclass, and it was incredible. I’m not a huge fan of Patterson personally — or most commercial fiction writers for that matter — but it’s got nothing to do with him as a writer, and everything to do with my taste in writing. (I
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