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Slack’n Go: Batch Presence Aware Bot

We shall create a Slack Bot in Go which aware of Batch Presence change event. Essentially we are going to build and run the example given here: https://github.com/nlopes/slack/blob/master/examples/connparams/connparams.go. This tutorial give a more detailed actions of how to make it run, so that even a relatively new can follow this easily. An
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Today I Learned: Making a Simple Interactive Shell Application in Golang

How I make a simple interactive shell in Golang “command computer keyboard key” by Hannah Joshua on Unsplash So today, I learn something new and a bit of basic thing in Golang. It was making a simple interactive shell. It was just a very simple application, but it kinda looks cool to
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Golang — handling errors gracefully

Golang — handling errors gracefully Although go has a simple error model, at first sight, things are not as easy as they should. In this article, I want to provide a good strategy to handle errors and overcome the problems that you may encounter along the way. First, we are going to analyze
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Go Face Recognition Tutorial — Part 1

The whole area of Face Recognition is something I love reading about. Implementing one yourself makes you sound like you are Tony Stark and you can use them for a variety of different projects such as an automatic lock on your door, or building a surveillance system for your office. In
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