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How I got my Software Engineering Internship after 4 months of Self-Study

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash I was a freshman and began self-studying programming around January – February. In May, I got my internship offer at a well-known company. What I can say is getting a software engineering internship is hard nowadays. You have to go through the whole process of
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UISDC interview: A high-quality poster design every day, he insisted for three years!

He used to be an electronic music artist. He began the design road for an album cover. He likes to design with a playful attitude, insists on using various experimental methods to do “daily design”, learning new technologies, and also he gains countless powders, and today it’s honor to talk
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3 Tips to Hiring Top Engineers (according to a Google engineer)

As an engineer and an early stage investor I find the technical interview process fascinating, especially at startups. I see a lot of startups copying the interview process of large organizations which makes little sense because I believe startups are inherently looking for different engineers than Google. Normally startups are
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Bold Takes — Conversation with Sar Haribhakti

Bold Takes — Conversation with Sar Haribhakti Independent thinking, Startup Studios, and Developing Meta Skills “Bold Takes” is a long-form interview series that surfaces interesting perspectives. Follow for more. For those who have never met or spoken to Sar Haribhakti, he has a vibrant personality and a very unique background. This interview covers a
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Filling In the Blanks — A Lesson I Finally Learned About Customer Interviews

Filling In the Blanks — A Lesson I Finally Learned About Customer Interviews “Study people like you are from Mars.” ~ Chris Michaud, Continuum I have been a Serial (podcast) fan for a long time. I got hooked when someone reccommended Season 1, and have since listened to all of Season
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Designing the interview process: up, down & all around

How I interview people for my design team, peers in other teams and my potential boss The “Bobs” from “Office Space” Hiring is the manager’s most important responsibility. The results of the process and the effort put in will make or break our team. Every great manager I’ve known can proudly recount
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How to conquer your fear and stop hating job interviews

Two things: First, stop saying you’re not good enough. Second, start practicing, and the ace developer within you will flow out. In this post I share my rollercoaster of experiences with interviewing, why I haven’t given up on landing a developer job, and what I’ve learned along the way. Photo by José Alejandro
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How I got, handled, and aced UX Design Interviews at companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook!

How I got, handled, and aced UX Design Interviews at companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and more! It’s interview season again, and you know what that means — That crippling feeling of not knowing how to actually handle and ace your interviews. Well, fret not, because it isn’t quite as challenging as it
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My Apple Product Design Internship Interview

I have been asked a lot about my Apple design internship interview experience and decided to write it down and share it with those who are interested. In chronological order, this is what happened in the intern recruiting process. Online Application Phone Screening — Design Manager FaceTime Interview — Lead Designer FaceTime Interview — UX Design Team FaceTime Interview — Project Manager
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