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Why It’s Tough to Restart Writing

A.K.A How to recover from the atrophy of the writer’s block Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash I’ve been writing every day for the past week. Not full-fledged posts, but bits and pieces of articles that I wish to write about. It takes time, and is quite laborious, but I still expend
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Creativity and Self-Expression (Or Being True to Yourself)

Source When she was ten years old, Isadora Duncan dropped out of school to teach people to dance. Now, had she been anyone other than herself, that stint would likely have turned out like most of our own ambitious pursuits at that age: frustrating, difficult, and a little discouraging. But Duncan
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Integrity Matters

Principles and actions are of consequence. Your world is watching. Lead by example. Photo by Patrick Brinksma on Unsplash A company is a reflection of its people. Company culture is defined by those at the top. You want hard working and loyal employees. Be a hard-working and loyal leader. You want ethical and compassionate
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How to learn anything quickly: leverage the vocabulary

The 80/20 principle applied to learning toine Garnier on Unsplash Mental models caught my attention a few months ago. Selling the promise of becoming smarter and efficient. I was sold. Thus began my journey towards mastering my brain. Every month, I choose to master a new mental model. Here’s numero uno. The 80/20 principle
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This Is What Loneliness Feels Like

This Is What Loneliness Feels Like (And What It Does To Us) What it does to us, why it happens, how we escape it Back at it with the uncomfortably close eyes again. ‘I had no more plans for the afternoon than a migrating bird has collateral assets.’ — Haruki Murakami, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle
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Forgiving Is Hard, but Not Forgiving Hurts More

Set yourself free Not forgetting ties us to the past — Pic by Oladimeji Odunsi/ Unsplash Let bygones be bygones. Forget and move on. Kiss and make up. Forgiving is easier said than done. Most people believe that forgiveness means condoning an event. But it’s not. Blame ties us to the past and makes our heart
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The 25 Most Important and Profound Observations I’ve Made About Life

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash A few will surprise you This post originally appeared as a response to this question on Quora — “In observing life deeply, what are your conclusions?” Some of the conclusions are simple and cliche — as with most useful pieces of advice. Some of them were counter intuitive. Some of them
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