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Turning this year’s NaNoWriMo writing challenge on its head

One day, I will write on one of these beauties (Photo via Pixabay) Because writers aren’t always very good at following the rules A year ago, I took the plunge and participated in my first ever National Novel Writing Month — NaNoWriMo for short — writing challenge. I wrote a first draft of a Young Adult
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Speak Truth: Unleashing the Power of Non-Fiction in Fiction

Or, how to make your make-believe more believable “fountain pen on spiral book” by Aaron Burden on Unsplash I used to struggle with fiction. Or rather, I perhaps didn’t struggle hard enough with it. Either way, I made my writing less accessible — and at times inaccessible — to others. I’d get a weird idea, mistake
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No More Parties in DC

A party-boy has an epiphany and makes a bold decision… Image Credit: FARGO, Season 1 “Are you having fun?!”, she asked me, struggling to be heard above the din being made by the loud dancehall music emanating from the booming speakers in the room. (Translation- my man, what’s the matter, let’s
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Never Alone: how a good company can work miracles in your writing process

Writers are thought to do most of their work alone. That’s true. But when we get stuck, sometimes only someone else has the power to uncork our creative channel Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash You can’t make it alone. As much as you think you are in control of your creativity,
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Why Choose Popularity over Privacy?

Being naked on the internet, literally. If you write nonfiction, chances are you often chronicle the perils and pitfalls of your experience of being a human in the world. This means you write about yourself a lot, hoping someone might relate and perhaps even volunteer their own counterpoint to your take
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