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Want to know the easiest way to save time? Use `make`!

“person wearing round white watch” by rawpixel on Unsplash People have always looked for ways to make their work easier. It is a matter of debate whether using tools and automation are distinct human features. Or do we share them with other species? The fact is that we try to outsource
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A streaming library with a superpower: FS2 and functional programming

Photo by Connor Jalbert on Unsplash Scala has a very special streaming library called FS2 (Functional Streams for Scala). This library embodies all the advantages of functional programming (FP). By understanding its design goals you will get exposure to the core ideas that make FP so appealing. FS2 has one central
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How to decide what to charge for creating a Website

Freelance web designers are frequently asked “what do you charge?” This is the best way to deal with it. Peter Clarkson on Unsplash If you’re a freelance web designer, you’ve probably received a vague email inquiry asking for a quote. The email is usually short on detail, high on expectation and ends with
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How to Build a Todo List with React Hooks

React v16.7.0-alpha introduced Hooks, and I’m excited. What Are Hooks? They’re functions that give you React features like state and lifecycle hooks without ES6 classes. Some benefits are Isolating stateful logic, making it easier to test. Sharing stateful logic without render props or higher-order components. Separating your app’s concerns based on logic, not lifecycle hooks.
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How to strategically accomplish your machine learning model’s performance goals

“three dart pins” by Alexander Muzenhardt on Unsplash Introduction Machine learning (ML) development is an iterative process. You have an idea to solve the problem at hand, you build the idea and examine the results. You get another idea to improve the results and so on until you reach the performance
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The Secret to My Long Tail SEO Success

This strategy has worked for me time and again Unsplash Be good to Google, and Google will be good to you. Seriously, that’s my secret! Of course, this needs interpretation — which is what I’ll cover in this post. I saw that statement in a Google slide presentation about 10 years ago. And strangely, it wasn’t
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Breaking The Ice: A Crash Course In IPFS, Ethereum And Fat Protocols Of The Future

Organization is a necessity nowadays. We make long lists of items to buy, send detailed emails about our work, and spend hours on our phones. We like to stay one step ahead by being efficient. The way we communicate while working depends on the type on the message. We make
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