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Holiday Fantasy Writing Prompt

What’s behind this locked door? Source: AppAdvice Get your imagination going this holiday season, with a fun fantasy writing prompt. When we open our imagination, without restrictions, we’re essentially letting go of stress, worry, and doubt, allowing ourselves room to be more creative and carefree. Getting started: Set a timer for
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November Writing Challenge: Thank-You Note

The Writing Cooperative’s 2018 Writing Challenge Show your gratitude Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash Let’s start with an exercise… Grab a piece of paper (a Post-it, napkin, or back of an envelope will work) and a pen or pencil. This exercise will take 5 minutes, so look at the clock
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Over the coffee table conversation

Image Source: Pixabay A few weeks ago I’ve read an article by August Birch which really got me thinking. The entire article is inspirational and filled with insights into building an author platform and you should definitely read it, but there is one thought that really struck my mind. Your platform is
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What is a Story Conflict?

Image Source: Unsplash The crucial part of any successful story is conflict. The conflict represents all the problems that are appearing on the hero’s journey towards reaching her goal. Conflict is not purely two people yelling at each other or fighting. Conflict can be internal and external. Internal conflict Internal conflict represents
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